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RF Outdoor Multitaps / Line Passives

PCT’s Traditional Series Multitaps are designed with a high current rating to meet plant design requirements. PCT Multiaps conform to all applicable SCTE standards and come standard with Aluminum alloy housing, weather resistant powder coating, stainless steel hardware and aluminum port caps for corrosion resistance. All Multitaps are 1 GHz bandwidth with minimal insertion loss and 110 dB shielding effectiveness (RFI) with uninterrupted power passing.

  • Available in 2-, 4-, and 8-port housings
  • Patented DSM seizure technology provides increased spring retention for better surface contact and electrical performance (Patent #6450836)
  • Color coded tap values
  • Weather seal gasket ensures water tight protection, tested at 15 psi
  • Umbrella-effect housing design prevents accumulation of water at ports
  • Weatherproof, self-sealing ‘F’ ports prevent breathing through ports when subscriber is disconnected
  • Bright acid tin-plated, brass ‘F’ ports offer increased strength and protection against corrosion in severe environmental conditions
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Gold series 2 port indoor tap PCTIT2W 2 Way Indoor Tap
Gold Series
PCTIT2W08 - Tap Value: 08 dB

• 2 way indoor tap
• 8 dB tap loss each tap port
• 4.5 dB through loss

Our Price: $2.99
Spring Sale: $2.54
Savings: $0.45

PCT Outdoor Line Power Inserters / Directional Couplers / Splitters

PCT’s Outdoor Line Power Inserters combine RF signal and 60 or 90 volts AC and are placed after a line power supply. It inserts power into the trunk or feeder lines to serve the active modules while providing isolation between the AC and RF networks. The Directional Coupler is an unequal power divider and a splitter is an equal power divider. Both devices split the network’s trunk and feeder lines. The 1 GHz frequency rating of the line power inserters, directional couplers, and splitters, combined with outstanding insertion loss and hum modulation characteristics ensure their reliable performance in the most demanding applications.

  • 1 GHz bandwidth with minimal insertion loss
  • 110 dB RFI shielding
  • RFI gasket ensures against ingress/egress interference
  • Available in Bus Bar or Fusible configurations
  • Heat shrink ridges for easy installation
  • Stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum alloy housing with weather resistant powder coating
  • Weather seal gasket ensures water tight protection, tested at 15 psi