RG6 Coax Jumper
6 in TRITON, MoCSY7 75 Ohm

RG6 Coaxial jumper, JTRS6LCACTRITON6JS
RG6 Coax Jumper - 8 in TRITON, MoCSY 7 75 Ohm: JTRS6LCACTRITON8JS

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6 ft RG6 TRITON® Coax Jumper
MoCSY® 7 75 Ohm
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About PCT's 6 in RG6 TRITON Coax Cable Jumper
PCT International's 75 Ohm RG6 TRITON coaxial cable jumper with F-Type connectors and custom jumper sleeves make self installation of your home theater TV components quick and easy. PCT jumpers provide years of reliable and durable connections. PCT jumpers are used and installed by most major MSOs across the USA and are the reliable choice for home and office installations.

PCT jumpers are perfect for installations and connections in your home or office between: a splitter, HDTV, DTV, antenna, CATV, satellite or antenna wall outlet, Cable TV, VCR, DVD players, Blu-ray™ players, and cable TV set top boxes. This jumper bundle is professional telecom industry quality at an unbeatable price and with professional quality performance.

The PCT jumper is complete with connectorized, pre-made ends and pre-installed jumper sleeves for tool-less installations.

About PCT's TRITON Cable
PCT’s MoCSY® 7 coaxial cable with TRITON technology is one of the most significant advances in the history of coaxial cable design! TRITON incorporates an enhanced layer of foil to provide superior shielding performance while maintaining its physical profile and ease of installation.
MoCSY® 7 coaxial cable with TRITON technology is designed for extended use in harsh environments. With the enhanced layer of foil, TRITON provides a 20 db improvement in shielding after 10,000 flexes as compared to other manufacturers’ cable.

About PCT's Jumper Sleeves
PCT's pre-Installed PCT-JS patent pending custom jumper sleeves create a built-in tool for easy, hand tightened, and reliable connections. This innovative jumper sleeve allows the proper amount of hand tightened torque. The pre-installed PCT-JS jumper sleeve's clear design provides visibility to the connector.(US Patent Nos. 7837501 B2, 8065940 B2)
  • 6 in coax jumper
  • High quality cable and connectors designed for indoor use
  • Pre-installed professional quality F-Type compression connectors
  • Pre-installed professional quality jumper sleeve for easy, tool-less installation
  • Black PVC jacket
  • Bonded foil and TRITON enhanced base shield tape
  • Bonded foam dielectric
  • Copper clad steel center conductor
  • Indoor use only
  • Factory direct - manufactured by PCT International

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