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Professional Grade Bypass Amplifiers

PCT bypass drop amplifiers support critical applications that require high reliability and uninterrupted service. In the event of a power failure, the amplifier switches to bypass mode creating a nearly seamless connection to the bypass port. The amplifier returns to normal operating mode once power is restored.

PCT bypass amplifiers are installed in applications with MTAs (Multimedia Terminal Adapters) and ensure signal continuity even if power is lost. During an outage, the pone / MTA connection is preserved allowing phone calls to emergency services and others to be made. (read more...)
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RF Bypass Amplifier
Unity Gain CATV Amp
Switch Mode Power Supply
Integrated Power Inserter
Switch Mode Power Supply
Wall Mount, Level VI
Price: $46.99

Price: $5.99
Price: $5.99
RF amplifier unity gain CATV amp PCT-VC-9UN switch mode power supply, SMPS512UTP switch mode power supply, SMPS512UTRH
• Bypass amplifier with modem port
• 9-Port (1 + 8) unity gain
• Noninterruptible
• Option: Power inserter, order separately

• Wide range input: 100 to 240 VAC
• Level VI efficiency rating
• High isolation power inserter
• Color coded output ports
• UL listed

• Wide range input: 90 to 264 VAC
• Level VI efficiency rating
• Low power dissipation and low heating
• UL listed

RF Amplifier
Power Adapter
Active Return and Unity Gain Amplifiers
RF Amplifier
Power Adapter
Passive Return Amplifiers
RF Amplifier
Power Inserter
Price: $5.99

Price: $5.99

Price: $3.99

RF amplifier power adapter, APA1260315URH RF amplifier power adapter, APA1260315URH Power inserter for RF amplifier PCT-MPI-1G
• Distribution amp power supply
• For all PCT active return and unity gain

• Distribution amp power supply
• For all PCT passive return amplifiers

• RF amplifier power inserter
• Use for mounting drop amp away from the
power outlet

... More about Professional Grade Bypass Amplifiers

In cable telephony installations, it is necessary to ensure that, even if power is lost, the Multimedia Terminal Adapter (MTA), which is the interface between the telephones in the home and the cable
operator’s network, can still send and receive signals so emergency telephone calls can still be made. PCT Bypass RF amplifiers are specifically engineered for use in cable telecommunications networks providing cable telephone services. They will have a port that is specifically marked as the “bypass port”, frequently by saying “To eMTA” on the label. Although it can be used to provide signals to a TV set, this port is specifically designed for the cable modem or the MTA (Multimedia Terminal Adapter – the device cable operators use to provide cable telephony service) as it always has signal, even when the power is lost.

There are two basic types of bypass amplifiers: active bypass and passive bypass. The PCTVB series bypass amplifiers are considered active bypass amplifiers. There are two relays that will route the signal around the amplifier if power is lost. When the unit is powered, the TV signals go directly into the amplifier in the normal fashion, and the MTA or cable modem is connected to the designated bypass port. If power is lost, the relays transfer the signals over to the bypass path, which goes around the amplifier and directly to the designated bypass port. This ensures that emergency telephone calls can be made even when power is lost.

The PCTVC series bypass amplifiers are considered passive bypass amplifiers. There is an internal two-way splitter directly on the input port of the amplifier housing. One output of this splitter goes directly to the bypass port, and the second output of the two-way splitter provides the input to the actual amplifier. This ensures that emergency telephone calls can be made even when power is lost.

All PCT Bypass RF amplifiers are professional grade and meet stringent US and international standards, including those developed by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), who creates international standards for many TV signal distribution products.

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