Video Accessory Kit
High Definition

VIDHDK Kit- RG6 Coax Jumpers 12 ft and Component 5-Wire Cable 6 ft | PCT-VIDHDK

Video Accessory Kit
RG6 Coax Jumper 12 ft
Component 5-Wire Cable 6 ft

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About PCT's High Definition Video Accessory Kit
The PCT-VIDHDK high definition video accessory kit is designed for installations that require direct connection to the customer premises equipment, such as set top boxes, DVRs, DVD players, Blu-ray™ players, and similar components, using standard coaxial cable with F connectors, and also require direct video and audio connections to the TV set. The kit includes a 12 ft RG6 coaxial jumper and a 6 ft 5-Wire component cable.

All PCT kits are assembled in PCT owned factories, and include PCT manufactured components. The high definition video accessory kit includes one professional quality 75 Ohm RG6 77% tri-shield coaxial cable jumper made with PCT-TRS-6LMG F-Type connectors and custom jumper sleeves, making tool-less self-installation of your components quick and easy. It also includes a high quality 5-wire component cable with color coded RCA connectors (3 RGB and 2 audio). The component cable uses stranded copper clad steel wire, with 95% braid coverage on the video cables, and 85% braid coverage on the audio cables. PCT products provide years of reliable and durable service, and have been used and installed by most major MSOs across North America. These are the reliable choice for home and office installations.

About PCT's Tri-Shield Coax Cable
Adds an additional surrounding layer of foil tape to improve transmission reliability by means of an additional interference barrier. Tri-shield coax cable is highly reliable and trusted in the telecom industry with excellent performance for most drop applications up to 150 feet in length.

About PCT's Jumper Sleeves
PCT's pre-Installed PCT-JS patented custom jumper sleeves create a built-in tool for easy, hand tightened, and reliable connections. This innovative jumper sleeve allows the proper amount of hand tightened torque. The pre-installed PCT-JS jumper sleeve's clear design provides visibility to the connector.

About PCT's Continuous Ground Connector
PCT is widely known for its patented compression connector technology, but is always looking for new ways to improve the quality of the drop. That attentiveness brings another breakthrough feature to our compression connector, the PCT-TRS-6LMG, making it even better than ever!

One of the most common mistakes made by self-installers, and even by many trained technicians, during an installation is improper connector tightening. This oversight leads to interruptions and degraded performance in both video and data services resulting in countless truck rolls.

PCT’s continuous ground feature - standard on our PCT-TRS-6LMG connector - maintains greater immunity to ingress and egress due to loose connections, both inside and outside of the home. Laboratory testing has proven that, even in a loosened state, the PCT-TRS-6LMG’s unique features provide continuous grounding and enhanced shielding.

PCT stands behind the philosophy that a tight connection is always the best connection but understands that an installation completed by a customer or installer may run the chance of being less than perfect. That’s why PCT develops products that help avoid service related issues, increase customer satisfaction and lower operational expenses for operators.

About PCT's Component 5-Wire Cables

PCT® RCA component cables are constructed of high quality materials and are designed specifically for interconnecting audio and video equipment with standard component video and stereo audio inputs and outputs. This cable provides crisp, clear sound and a sharp, clear picture with bright, true lifelike colors and accurate images.
  • 12 ft coax jumper
  • 6 ft Component 5-Wire Cable
  • High quality cable and connectors designed for indoor use
  • Pre-installed professional quality PCT-TRS-6LMG compression connectors
  • Pre-installed professional quality jumper sleeve for easy, tool-less installation
  • White PVC jacket
  • Bonded foil and 77% braid
  • Bonded foam dielectric
  • Copper clad steel center conductor
  • Factory direct manufactured by PCT International

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