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Professional Grade Coax Jumpers

PCT International's 75 Ohm RG6 coaxial cable jumpers are manufactured with PCT:
coaxial cable with patented cable technologies; patented F type compression connectors and patented jumper sleeves make self installation of your home theater TV components quick and easy. PCT jumpers provide years of reliable and durable connections. PCT jumpers are used and installed by most major MSOs across the USA and are the reliable choice for home and office installations.

PCT jumpers are perfect for installations and connections in your home or office between: a splitter, HDTV, DTV, antenna, CATV, satellite or antenna wall outlet, Cable TV, VCR, DVD players, Blu-ray™ players, and cable TV set top boxes. This jumper bundle is professional telecom industry quality at an unbeatable price and with professional quality performance.

The PCT jumper is complete with connectorized, pre-made ends and pre-installed jumper sleeves for tool free installations.

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PCT has been engineering, manufacturing and selling broadband industry products for cable, telco and satellite service providers since 1997 that meet and often exceed telecom industry standards. Our innovative telecom product line has a long, proven history of reliability and performance in worldwide locations. The PCT International brand identity is set apart from others with its deep-rooted reputation for world-class and innovative telecom products.
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