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Digital Seizure Mechanism (DSM®)
When it comes to F port seizures, maintaining a solid grip on the center conductor over a long
time period is essential. PCT’s innovative Digital Seizure Mechanism (DSM) is a field-proven device that provides high contact force over a wide surface area, while offering unsurpassed electrical performance by delivering a superior impedance match. Unlike “360” contacts, which are nothing more than multi-point contacts, the DSM’s unique inner profile makes contact over a wider area with more mechanical force. It is one of only a few contacts available that can truly pass the SCTE standard for center conductor retention, without the assistance of plastic insulators that will relax over time. Try it for yourself on the drop passives that you are using. The patented DSM also incorporates a unique spark gap that re-directs transient surges to ground prior to entering the circuit board, providing additional protection.

The Locking Mechanism
PCT’s patented
locking connector has a lock washer integrated within the connector and its design delivers a supreme barrier against moist ure intrusion.

Typical connectors installation can create maintenance truck rolls due to the connector becoming loose under common environmental conditions. PCT’s locking connector design is the industry solution to this inherent F-port connection problem. Even with repeated refastening to the female port, PCT’s locking connector retains its torque
feature integrity.

Common indu
stry F connectors require frequent re-tightening due to temperature cycling and vibration. However, by using an integrated lock washer, PCT’s locking nut connector stays properly tightened to the F-female port
regardless o
f vibrations and temperature cycling.

Lock washers are used in almost all applications that involve vibration, such as moving parts & engines, to ensure that the bolts holding the items together stay as tight as the day they were installed.

It was only logical that PCT incorporate such a simple idea into our connectors. This small addition corrects a complicated problem for operators who are experiencing problems with loose connections. The lock washer located beneath the post guarantees a secure, metal-to-metal connection between the F-male and F-female faces on the port ensuring a quality connection every time. Our connectors can be repeatedly tightened and loosened without any loss of torque retaining ability, ensuring a long life span in the field or home.